schwarzenberg tomb - the south bohemian campo santo


Rules for Visitors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

23. 6. 2020

Conditions for visiting historical monuments under the care of the National Heritage Institute during the COVID-19 pandemic

Recommended trips

  • Visit the renaissance castle, the brewery, the town hall tower or Augustinians monastery. Among the renaissance burgher houses you will find House of Nature of Třeboň...

The tomb is located near Třeboň, about 1 km from the Třeboň Chateau, in an English nature park on the southeast side of Svět Pond. The Neo-Gothic structure in the shape of a regular hexagon has two floors and is composed of a temple and the actual crypt. A unique feature of the tomb is an altar located on the south side of the crypt. Various concerts and other cultural events are held in the tomb’s candlelit chapel, which has fine acoustics.